MAZE aberration
quattro runners
Atlantic Breeze
Marina CT
Mount Nelson
The famous Spot in Cape Town
Logistic Moves
Industries 4.0
the beauty of imagination
Media Port Düsseldorf
Visions and perspectives
Hidden Bays
colour – water – light
Nan Jing Shanghai
Shanghai night moves
Rhine River Plains
Retreats in a city
winter woods
collection in nature
Dresden Gold
Glitter and Decay
Overclouding – Germany
Vanishing Clarity
Exodus Africa
Semper Oper
Montag Nacht
Moods aus Hongkong
Shang Hai Walks
Night and Day
Dust of Diamond and Gold
Red Winter Woods
Silence and cracking
e d i t i o n . i n . U R B A N
Shanghai …. up!

"TITANIC DANCES" Finissage, am 24 September 2017 16-19 UhrMittlerweile Kult in der Tiefgarage.....Weimar An der Falkenburg 8 - wie immer erwarten wir viele Gäste!

Jens-Christian Wittig on Show in Kapstadt bei "Opulent Living" Concept Store and Gallery! Ich danke ganz herzlich Barbara Lenhard und Florian Gast in Kapstadt!