Titanic Dances

Germany 2017


Daywalks Shanghai 2016 

Marina Stills

Abastracts in different  Color versions  – 2016  

Abstract Water scribbles

Color fantasies 2016 

Blue night Walks

Berlin Kreuzberg 2017 

Eternal Stripe Space

Unlimited Sharpnes 2016

High, Hip and Up

Shanghai Summer 2016 

Lost in Illusions

Lady in a mall – 2015 – Shanghai 

Exodus Africa

2015 Soweto Burning 


Destruction and Reformation 

Abstract lake scapes

The beauty of imagination

Paths through the garden

magic of color and space


Underwater Tales

Phantom in Tecno

Mental disruption 

Pali 1

Stripes – 2014 


Transitory senses


Stripe Scapes  – August 2014

painted by a lense

Farbe – Licht – Raum     —–   gemalt mit einer Linse