Hamburg Speicherstadt

Seitenblicke am Morgen 

Magic light and colors of Arabia

Marrakech 2018 

Frauenkirche Dresden

Deutschland im Sommer 2017

Media Port Visions

Düsseldorf 2016 

Huang pu River Shanghai

Urban Transformation Stories 2017 

Dresden GOLD and BLUE

Spring 2016 

Mount Nelson Cape Town

The famous place in different color sets  – 2017 
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Barock Transitions

Germany  –  2016 / 217 

Cape Town

Breezes and Colors in Paradise No. 1 –  January 2016 
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Asian Fassades

luminance in front and reflections behind
Shanghai 2015 / 2016

Super Store Orange Red

Shanghai Summer 2016 

Transitory Nights

Night Lights and Colors
Johannesburg – Shanghai 2015 / 2016 

Night Fogs

Arising threats and ongoing changes

Horizons Metropolis

Night lights and colors 

Metropolis in Heat

Mega city in Summer 

Perspective metropolis

Spaces, lights and shades in a mega city 

Shanghai Morning

…up …up …up 

Gold and Diamond Glitter

Dust of Johannesburg 


… into the megacity 

Mirror scapes

China modern

City Approach

Urban morning from the outer areas 


People  – Cities –  Movements 

Shanghai Up

Colors of a Mega City 


Huai Hai Shopping Mile Shanghai

China urbane Muster

abstrakte Transfomationen

Night Glitter

Pretending Fassades 


Das Wachsen einer Stadt

urban X-ray

Layers of a city 


Der Glanz der Dunkelheit

Shanghai night moves

Experimental overlays

Urban Overload

Migration into Johannesburg 

PEKING traditionell

Eine alte Kultur verliert sich nicht.

Shanghai Life

The city never stops

Berlin urban

Das Bikini  –  im Westen was Neues


Klassische  Architekturen in Rot und Blau